SPOKE 8 – Ricercatori Age-It in visita presso lo stabilimento Sanofi di Origgio

Sanofi is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Italy in terms of industrial presence and number of employees. The company employs over 2000 workers, half of whom are in the industrial sector. Sanofi has been involved in the partnership since its establishment, being among the founding members of the Hub.

Sanofi has three manufacturing facilities in Italy, one of which is located in Origgio, in the province of Varese. On Thursday, March 28th, a productive meeting took place between a large group of researchers from Spoke 8 and the management and researchers of Sanofi. The objective of the meeting was to present ongoing research and reflect on how the infrastructure created by Age-It, specifically the Intempo study, could be leveraged to collaborate on areas of mutual interest.

At the event, a representative from the Extended Partnership HEAL Italia also participated. HEAL is the first national supply chain dedicated to research and innovation in the field of Precision Medicine. Sanofi is also involved in this initiative and deemed it appropriate to create an opportunity for discussion and integration between ongoing activities.

Personalized and Precision Medicine represent a shift from a one-size-fits-all approach to a strategy optimized for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases for each individual based on their unique characteristics. This approach places the patient at the center of the healthcare system, aiming for optimal disease management and/or predisposition to disease. The synergies and points of contact with Age-It are evident, particularly regarding discussions on the management and care of elderly, frail, and multimorbid patients, which is a central theme in the more clinical Spokes of our partnership.

L’incontro è stato un momento di primo confronto cui seguiranno ulteriori contatti e approfondimenti. Al di là di questo, grazie all’evento organizzato da Sanofi, le basi per una proficua collaborazione sono state gettate.

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